Doorstep Loans Info

Doorstep Loans – A Quick Solution to Your Money Problems Right at Your Door

For salaried people, who often find themselves in a bad financial situation a doorstep loan can provide the much needed way to deal with this problem. These loans offer a very nice option for the borrower especially due to the quick and easy approval and their limited conditions.

Once the application has been successful, a doorstep loan will yield the requested cash amount directly at your doorstep and in your hands by the agent within the 24 hours of the application. The amount you can get this way  will, with most lenders in UK, vary from  £100 to £1,000, so they are perfect when an unexpected bill or debt comes up and your paycheck has been already drained.

Of course, in order to qualify for a doorstep (or a door-to-door loan, as it is also called), you need to first fulfil certain criteria:

  • You need to be a citizen of UK
  • You need to be at least 18, or in some cases 21 years old
  • You need to have a fixed income source (employed)
  • You need to have a valid account with the bank

Once you have all of these requirements fulfilled and you have made a successful application with the doorstep lender for it, you can receive the money. The loan can be taken for the of one day to 31 days and it can be paid back when your pay cheque arrives, which also makes it very easy to deal with.

Doorstep loans are very convenient as a short-term monetary solution, but they also include a higher interest rate. Because of this, you should be careful to repay the loan on time, or it can only get bigger.

The application is easy and it can be submitted online. Doorstep lenders have very clear and simple online procedures that free you from having to fill out a bunch of papers and fax anything. What’ more, the applicant doesn’t even have to have a clean credit history, as even those with default, late payments or under bankruptcy can apply for it and there is also no collateral, so you don’t have to provide any security against it.