Short Term Doorstep Loans

Door-to-door Loans – A New Short-Term Lending Opportunity

When we talk about doorstep loans it is often easy to confuse them to typical door to door loan sellers that are known as some of the biggest pests in the lending industry, going house to house and bothering people with their “amazing offers”. In truth, doorstep lenders and them have absolutely nothing in common. And yet, it is exactly because of this false association that many people in the United Kingdom are reluctant to apply for a doorstep loan.

Unlike lenders who go from one door to another and offer you often shady deals, a doorstep loan is something entirely different. It is an open service which allow borrowers to be free of any pushy sales pitches.

You also need to understand the differences between doorstep loans and the more conventional pay-day loans. While the two loan types indeed have a number of things in common, they are still quite different. Both start with a very easy application process and continue with an even faster approval after which you can go to your bank and get the requested sum from your account (which is, again, in both cases usually no bigger than a couple of hundred pounds). But this is pretty much where the similarities end and differences between the two start. The most evident difference comes form the repayment of the loan itself. In he case of a pay-day loan, the lender uses instant bank transfers, while with a doorstep loan, they keep things much simpler with cash-to-hands.

Once the loan application has been successfully approved, the lender will come to the borrower’s house and personally deliver the cash to his or her door. This can be done on that same day, or whenever the borrower wishes. Furthermore, repayments are also arranged in the same fashion. Every week, the lending agent will visit the borrower in the home and collect the payment for that week. Thanks to this, doorstep loans are very cconvenient for people who, for some reason, have a problem with their mobility and can’t leave their home to get a loan.

What’s even greater about doorstep loans is that, not only does it not require a bank account, but the lender also doesn’t check the applicant’s credit rating. In some cases, the lender will not even consider being employed as a prerequisite to getting the loan.

To sum it up, doorstep loans offer a unique opportunity for employed, unemployed, people receiving benefits, disabled and many others to apply for it and have the needed cash delivered directly to their doorstep by a professional loan agent.